Five Types of Trees that Have Our Attention

Summer is here, and now it’s time to finally stop marveling at the blooming trees and hide underneath them for some valuable shade. It’s easy to forget just how many unique and interesting tree species are scattered across the world, but luckily we came up with a list of just five that’ll have you planning […]

Hanging out with Llamas and Alpacas

Hanging out with llamas and alpacas is nothing short of endearing as they peek out with their furry long necks. They are grand companions for the road, or “silent brothers,” as the Andean people call them. Llamas (pronounced “yama”) have been around for millions of years first originating in North America, then migrating to South America. Their close cousin, Alpacas are […]

What To Do At Hanging Rock State Park

Sometimes, no matter how much you love your job or your home or your family, you just need to get away. Which is why glorious places like Hanging Rock State Park exist*. *Okay; the reason Hanging Rock State Park actually exists is because of nature creating mountains and the Stokes County Committee for Hanging Rock […]

Changing Gear: A Look at Camping Gear of the Yesteryears

Even for the ounce-counting minimalist hikers and backpackers there is no doubt that the game has changed since big box names like L.L. Bean and REI first started selling their wares to the public. While many modern developments (the Internet and its spawns) are often sited as obstructions between man and nature, and tossed into […]

Hanging by a Shoestring: DIY Altoids Survival Kit

We’ve waxed poetic on the importance of survival kits, tools and the likes, and though we fully believe in the  value of a ready-made kit and all its accouterments, we also have a newfound appreciation for tiny things that fill big purposes. We were slightly remiss to find that in the age of super-slim, so-small-you-can-stash-it-in-your-ear-canal […]