GeoChallenge 102: How to Play

Now that you have been introduced to GeoChallenges – the highlight of our soon-to-debut revamped website, Pocket Ranger® eXchange – in the first part of our GeoChallenge guide, it’s time to learn how to play!

Pocket Ranger® GeoChallenge from PocketRanger® on Vimeo.

Where do I begin?

To participate in any of the Pocket Ranger® eXchange games or challenges, you’ll need to download one (or all!) of the Pocket Ranger® apps to begin finding GeoChallenges. Although our Pocket Ranger® apps’ GPS features are universal, you must download a specific state’s app in order to access and participate in GeoChallenges in that state.

Next, you must register a username and password. To register, simply click “Login” on the GeoChallenge home screen, where you will be prompted to either login through Facebook or sign up via email. If you’d prefer to browse the GeoChallenges before signing up, you can also access the Login page by selecting “Start” on any of the GeoChallenge descriptions.


How do I play?

Before beginning a GeoChallenge, please be sure to read the description and rules! To play, simply navigate to any or all of the geolocations within each GeoChallenge. As you use your Pocket Ranger® app’s advanced GPS map to find each geolocation, you’ll automatically rack up points when you hit each destination. These points may be redeemed toward big rewards by Pocket Ranger® or our Proud Partners.


Why do I have to register?

Registering a username and password gives you access to a number of other community members who share in your interests. Because each completed challenge earns you points, creating an account is needed to keep track of your points and progress.

Do I have to create a profile?

Yes. In order to play and share your adventure with members of the Pocket Ranger® eXchange community, you must create a profile. You can choose to tell as much or as little about yourself as you want. But remember, including your favorite hobbies and activities in your profile will help you connect with other members who have similar interests.

How do I earn points to redeem toward prizes?


Earning points is easy. Search your app or Pocket Ranger® eXchange for current challenges in your state to get started. Once you find a challenge you want to participate in, click to play. Each geolocation within a GeoChallenge has points assigned to it, so the more you play, the greater your chances of scoring a prize. There’s no limit to the number of challenges you can play, so participate in as many as you like!

How can I keep track of my progress?

Monitor your progress and keeps tabs on other players with the Leaderboard, where you can see who’s in the lead, who you’re taking out next, and who’s sneaking up behind you!

What if a challenge I want to play has already ended?

Don’t fret! We’re constantly updating our challenges and adding cool new ones so check back regularly or search through our current challenges to find others that pique your interest.

How will I know if I’ve won?

All challenge winners will be notified via the email address provided upon registration.

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