S’mores Remixed

When it comes to camping, s’mores are as ubiquitous as bears, unidentified noises, difficult-to-pitch tents—you get the point. S’mores are definite campfire staples. While we love the graham cracker, Hershey’s chocolate and marshmallow combination, it’s time our palates experience something new. So we’ve scoured the Internet, interviewed campers and done everything short of breaking out our old Girls Scouts uniform for a chance at one more troupe camping trip to bring you a list of inventive s’mores recipes even purists will enjoy. Some have been adapted from fancy celebrity chefs while others were simply happy accidents.

Have you sampled any of our suggestions? Tell us which is your favorite!

S’mores a la Italiana:

Nutella is to Italians what peanut butter is to Americans. This creamy, chocolate hazelnut spread is said to boast tons of nutrients and vitamins, and be a super-healthy breakfast alternative for kids, all of which is great news but hardly why we hoard this nonperishable item every time we camp. Nutella is absolutely delicious.

Swap the Hershey’s for Nutella, lightly toast the marshmallow so as not to melt the spread into a gooey mess when assembling. Here: Food Network chef Giada De Laurentiis opts for crusty Italian bread instead of crackers, but we’ve found both to work well.

Elvis S’mores

Speaking of peanut butter, Elvis s’mores combine two of our favorite ingredients—peanut butter and chocolate—for a gut-busting rendition. Spread a generous layer of peanut butter on the graham cracker, top with a piece of Hershey’s chocolate and sliced banana. Though The King favored bacon on his, we prefer to keep ours vegetarian. Swap the chocolate and peanut butter for a peanut butter cup (as seen here) for a quicker treat.

Black & White S’mores

Adding Oreos to just about anything is bound to make it taste better. Our suggestions? Crumble up a few cookies and add them to your favorite s’mores just before assembling. In keeping with the black and white, you may also want to opt for white chocolate instead, which we’ve found to be a better tasting alternative to milk chocolate in this recipe.


Caramel S’mores

Throw your preconceived notions of what s’mores should be out the RV window. Now that you’ve done that, you’re free to indulge in a decadent caramel concoction that faintly resembles s’mores. For this you’ll need two cookies of your choosing (we like this version made using peanut butter cookies), pile with dark chocolate, drizzle with caramel (you may also melt caramel squares over a campfire) and top with a toasted marshmallow.

Assemble, eat, repeat!

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