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Picture this: the RV’s packed, you’ve got your gear, and the skies are clear. Everything’s falling into place for your action-packed camping extravaganza. Except, you can’t touch the grub you’ve packed, it’s hours before any store will open, and you have nothing to fuel your driving expedition. But wait! What’s that in your fridge? A lone (hopefully not-expired) container of cottage cheese! You hit the kitchen cabinets and see that you also happen to have some canned peaches and Grape-Nuts Flakes. And since you happen to have all these ingredients (hey, it’s not a coincidence— these are common items, guys), your problems are solved! Because now you can just make the recipe below: Grab & Go Cottage Crunch. Just make, pack, and you’re ready to hit the road!
5-grab-and-go-cottage-crunchIf “Warm Pears in a Creamy Sauce” sounds like a deliciously fattening dessert to you, then you’re half right. Because delicious it is, but unhealthy it is not! Made with fresh pears, fat-free sour cream, apple juice, brown sugar, and Post Grape-Nuts Fit Cereal, this quick and easy recipe (it takes two minutes to microwave!) is low in fat, cholesterol, and sodium, and ends up being a good source of iron, thanks to our favorite cereal. A perfect health-conscious treat for a post-hiking excursion, you’ll wonder why you ever doubted us back in the first sentence of this paragraph.

9-warm-pears-creamy-sauceWhen it comes to complementing peanut butter, jelly’s old news. That’s why the tastemakers at Post came up with this creative concoction: Crunchy Banana-Peanut Butter Toast. It’s easy to make; simply mix peanut butter, honey, and Post Grape-Nuts Fit Cereal together, smooth it onto toast, and top with bananas. If you bring a few slices to share at your next group climb, you’re sure to be hearing “what a spread!” 4-crunchy-banana-peanut-butter-toastPrepare yourself, because we’re about to blow your mind. Did you know that Grape-Nuts can be served hot? Because it can! The next time you need a quick breakfast before hitting the hiking trail (or biking trail, or equestrian trail, or really any kind of trail), follow this one-minute (or less!) recipe. Add in whatever you would for oatmeal (we’re thinking bananas, brown sugar, and cinnamon, but there’s a whole list under “Special Extra” for you to peruse), and enjoy this low-fat dish!


We love hiking, climbing, and biking just as much as the next outdoor enthusiast, but we definitely need picnic breaks in the parks. And sometimes, when we’ve been extra good, we treat ourselves to a special dessert, like these Cereal Oatmeal-Raisin Cookies. Since the recipe was created by Post and uses Post Grape-Nuts Fit Cereal, we know these aren’t your average cookies — they’re healthy enough to fuel your outdoor adventures while still serving (see what we did there?!) as a tasty treat.

7-cereal-oatmeal-raisin-cookiesHere at ParksbyNature, we appreciate the simple things in life. Sleeping under the stars, the crisp, morning air on a fall hike, reaching the next level on the Post Grape-Nuts Fit “What’s Your Mountain?” GeoChallenge, waking up to the smell of morning muffins, fresh from the oven. That’s why we were so excited to share this recipe for Banana Crunch Muffins. Post Grape-Nuts Fit formulated this healthy recipe so you don’t have to worry about nutrition — just the satisfaction of experiencing a simple moment in all its perfection.10-banana-crunch-muffin

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! To make your barbecues and outdoor eating experiences even sweeter, we thought we’d offer you this recipe for Grape Nuts Apple Crisp. Because really, what’s more American than eating apple crisp on the Fourth of July? (Eating apple pie. We know. We wanted to be different!) You can thank our proud partner, Post Grape-Nuts Fit, for this recipe. We hope you enjoy it while celebrating our country in the great outdoors whether that’s in a state park or your very own backyard.


Nothing says good morning like a fresh, fruit-filled, cold yogurt parfait. Skip the local coffee shop’s version and make your own with this easy, fat-free recipe from our friends at Post Grape-Nuts Fit. You’ll feel refreshed and ready for the day – whether you’re hiking a peak at your favorite state park or facing a mountain of work at your desk.


We hope you’ve been taking advantage of the sensational spring weather by exploring the state parks! If you need a delicious snack to fuel your next hiking excursion, look no further than this easy-to-make, portable treat from our proud partner, Post Grape-Nuts Fit.


Kick hunger to the curb both on and off the trail with this sweet, simple, and energizing recipe from Post Grape-Nuts Fit. High in vitamins and low in fat, this snack will keep you on track and fuel your next adventure.


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