Recipe Contest: You Can't Fail Foil Packets

This is a keeper campground recipe for our family — it even works when small car camping or deep back country camping dictates minimal gear & cooler ingredients.

1) Foil squares
2) Fire
3) Food (even bagged jerky & canned corn works)

4) Corn
5) Potatoes (diced)
6) Onions (chopped tiny)
7) Peppers (small)
8) Seasoning: Steak, blackening, soul or cajun seasoning (like Tony’s) or Season-all (like Spike or poultry)
9) Beans, sausage, jerky or canned fish (your choice)
10) Butter or oil (this is optional if your meat provides oil)

In a foil packet, arrange your choice of these ingredients (Protein choice + Veggies + Starch + Fat). Sprinkle with seasoning. Roll up foil packet and place around fire edge/in ring. Watch it so it cooks and doesn’t burn. Depending on how large you cut your potato pieces, it will take 30 minutes to one hour to cook. Unpeel your packet and YUM! Instant camp breakfast, lunch or dinner! And you even have an easy to clean-up & pack-out “dish.” Choose your favorite ingredients and go. (By the way, I taught my husband this foil recipe when we were dating — he was just eating way too much frozen pizza and he loved it do much he started making frozen chicken breasts with veggies for his mom and sister when they visited. They were do impressed. Same foil formula: (chicken breast+starch+veggie+fat) and cook at 400 degrees for 45 minutes to one hour. Outside in the campfire, the chicken will cook fast or slow depending on your fire so be sure to check the meat for complete “done-ness” before eating. Chicken should not be pink, so be sure to cook it through and even better, if you can cut it into chunks so the individual pieces cook through with the veggie, fat and starch juices. Enjoy!

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