Hanging by a Shoestring: DIY Altoids Survival Kit

We’ve waxed poetic on the importance of survival kits, tools and the likes, and though we fully believe in the  value of a ready-made kit and all its accouterments, we also have a newfound appreciation for tiny things that fill big purposes. We were slightly remiss to find that in the age of super-slim, so-small-you-can-stash-it-in-your-ear-canal sized gadgets, outdoorsmen (and girls!) didn’t have very many compact alternatives to full-sized survival kits. Thankfully the folks at SurvivalCommonSense.com crafted a cool, DIY kit using an empty Altoids tin. Follow the list (the total number of items should run about $50-$60) to fill it with just what you’ll need should you become estranged from your gear or hiking pack.

Note: While this small Altoids survival kit fits the bill for preparedness and safety in the wild, it does not, however, replace a proper survival kit. 

Photo from survivalcommensense.com

What you’ll need for the kit:

• Altoids tin

• 5 pieces of 2-1/2 to 3 inches long duct tape to layer both on top and bottom

• Rubber bands cut out of bicycle tube. They can be used for fire starter, as well as keeping the Altoids tin cover shut.

Photo from survivalcommensense.com

Tins’ contents:

1. 12-inch square of aluminum foil

2. Bicycle tube rubber bands on outside of container

3. Two alcohol prep pads

4. Petroleum jelly (Used for both medical needs and with twine and flint stick to start a fire)

5. Compass

6. Emergency whistle

7. Boy Scout Hot Spark wrapped in 18 inches of jute twine (Used with petroleum jelly and Swiss Army knife to build a fire

8. LED flashlight

9. Glover’s needle and 2 feet of dental floss

10. Signal mirror

11. 6 feet of seine twine

12. Medication: aspirin, Imodium, Benadryl, water purification

13. Knife — (Swiss Army Classic: contains knife and screwdriver blades, scissors, tweezers and toothpick)

14. Safety pins and nail

15. 12 feet of 19-gauge annealed wire

16. Waxed fire starter

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