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Survivalists We Admire

Some days, nothing seems more tempting than dropping all our responsibilities, packing a single backpack, and heading for the nearest mountain never to return again. These survivalists have inspired us to learn more about the wilderness and how to survive in it.

Two survivalists and a horse standing on a hill pointing.

Drop everything and head for the hills—nature awaits you. [Image: http://www.artbarbarians.com/]

Bear Grylls

If you own a television, you’re sure to have at least heard of Bear Grylls’ popular series, Man vs. Wild. His amazing feats and disturbing feasts are well known from his show, and the man is definitely qualified for all that he does. Grylls learned how to climb mountains and sail as a child, moving onto skydiving and Shotokan karate in his teen years. He is certainly innovative with the techniques he employs, but regardless, he offers great advice and tips in bushcraft.

Bear Grylls covered in dirt.

You’re sure to see Bear Grylls getting down and dirty somehow on Man Vs. Wild. [Image: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/]

Les Stroud

Another outdoorsman you may have seen on your television screen is Les Stroud, the star and creator of Survivorman. However, rather than heading into the wild with a camera crew, Stroud films, directs, produces, edits, and even does the music for his show. Stroud and his family live off the land in the remote Canadian wilderness where he grows and hunts his own food. He is a self-taught adventurer who creates his own survivalist techniques and is really immersed in a primitive lifestyle. On top of all that, he is also an incredibly talented musician.

Closeup of Les Stroud with dirt on his nose in a red bandana.

Les Stroud is certainly someone we’d want around in a sticky situation. [Image: http://www.speakers.ca/]

Lisa Fenton

Lisa Fenton has a pretty amazing repertoire of outdoor expertise behind her, where she’s delved into many desolate areas and dangerous situations and always come out like a champ. She is a co-founder of the outdoors and survivalist school, Woodsmoke, where she teaches bushcraft and survival techniques. She’s led many conservation expeditions to track, trap, and radio collar wolves, lynx, leopards, cheetahs, and other predators. Fenton has traveled through remote areas for up to months at a time, coming out of it with more than just a few cool stories to share.

Lisa Fenton in the snow.

Lisa Fenton is one lady you would not want to mess with. [Image: http://www.woodsmoke.uk.com/]

Tom Brown

After learning bushcraft and survival skills from a friend’s grandfather as a child, Brown went on to have an extensive outdoorsy life. Using mostly primitive tools, Brown has lived alone in rural areas of the United States, perfect for answering the call of the wild. He has also worked with authorities, lending his tracking skills to find missing persons, fugitives, and animals. Brown founded the Tracker School in New Jersey where he teaches students all they need to know about outdoor survival and has published 18 books on the subject.

Tom Brown speaking.

Tom Brown is definitely a survivalist we would trust with our lives! [Image: http://archive.app.com/]

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