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Thanksgiving Dinner To-Go

Contributed by Michelle Shea of Adventure Dining Guide

Thanksgiving Dinner in a bowl in front of water

Image Credit: Michelle Shea

Have you ever eaten your Thanksgiving dinner while enjoying uninhibited views of snowcapped peaks, crashing oceans, pristine valleys, or crystal clear lakes? No? How about starting a new tradition this year: Get outside, and ditch the crowds! Indulge in your favorite outdoor adventure, and enjoy one of the most underrated exploration days of the year.

For many Americans, a traditional Thanksgiving consists of eating, cooking, watching football, and staying indoors. While everyone else is at home, why not take your Thanksgiving Dinner “to go” with a holiday-inspired, backcountry-friendly recipe. Invite family and friends to join you outside for a Thanksgiving meal they will never forget!

Here is everything you will need for your adventure-inspired holiday dinner:

  • Turkey Jerky
  • Rachel Ray’s “Apple and Onion Stuffin’ Muffins”
  • Cream cheese and dried cranberries
  • Adventure Dining Guide’s “Pumpkin Backcountry Bites”

This meal is pack-friendly and filled with nutrition to fuel your journey. The best part is that you can prep everything at home, so when you’re in the wilderness you can just relax and enjoy a fantastic meal.

Before you hit the trail, this is what you need to prep at home:

For an ultralight alternative, try dehydrating the muffins and the pumpkin filling.

This backcountry Thanksgiving meal is best served with a view, so get adventurous this Thursday! Happy holidays, and happy trails!

How to Keep the “Game” Out of Your Turkey Brine For This Year’s Thanksgiving Feast

Here at PBN, we’re all about game—except when it’s gamy. (You know, when the meat of the wild animal you just took tastes and smells too strong and like it’s slightly spoiled!) Since Thanksgiving is only a few days away, we’re thinking about turkey nonstop, but a small part of us worries over the potential gamy factor. So, that’s why PBN Founder Brett Melillo shared his go-to recipe for turkey brine! Make it, brine it, share it, get creative with it! The only rule? No “gamyness” allowed.

Brett's-Brine-Recipe (2)


Did you use Brett’s recipe? Or do you have your own favorite turkey brine? Tell us in the comments!