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That Hiking Guy

That Hiking Guy, Chris Colbert, in the woods.

Image: Chris Colbert

Whether you are stuck in the office or ready to take on the wilderness, the Pocket Ranger® video channel is your one-stop shop for entertainment. Spanning across the United States, the video channel captures some of the most pristine views in the country and some of the best terrain for your next adventure—but wait, there’s more! Filled with loads of excitement, education, and even some laughter, hiking videos like this one from contributor That Hiking Guy are well worth the watch:

That Hiking Guy demonstrates that to maintain health and wellness, you have to start somewhere—so why not make it an adventure? Narrated by Chris Colbert, “an average middle-aged male in Indiana who recently discovered the joy that comes with getting outdoors,” viewers get a firsthand view of the fun that can be had in their own backyards. His videos of the forest trails, sloping mountain crests, and winding rivers put Indiana on the map for fun in the outdoors. Subscribe to his YouTube channel to watch his hikes, like this one of the Birdseye Trail:

Want to make your memories last? That Hiking Guy reviews the latest and greatest in video and camera gear to make your outing one you will remember for years. Follow That Hiking Guy on Instagram, Twitter, and Google+ for details on what to pack and where to go. Don’t forget to stay connect through Facebook as well to get updates and tips on how to shoot videos like this one:

Fully loaded with what you need to get psyched, watch the Pocket Ranger® video channel today! Packed up and ready to explore? Download the FREE Pocket Ranger® mobile app for full access to everything you need to know about where you’re going. Happy trails!

Pocket Ranger® Video Channel: Yosemite Half Dome Day Hike

Some grey clouds making their way across the face of Half Dome.

An arresting, cloud-obstructed vantage; quite thrilling from down here! [Image: Telegraph Hiking Club]

A recent Pocket Ranger® in-app video features a Telegraph Hiking Club trip up Yosemite’s Half Dome. Half Dome, as you can see above, is a nearly sheer granite precipice that juts about 9,000’ into the sky of the Yosemite Valley, which was once deemed impossible to summit. Indeed, with its dynamic profile and gorgeous locale, Half Dome is easily one of the most identifiable natural features in Yosemite National Park. The 14- to 23-mile challenge is met regularly each year by thousands of bold explorers between late-May and mid-October. The trip is difficult even for seasoned hikers, but is possible because of the work of the National Park Service and certainly the equipment, experience, training, and will of the hikers themselves.

Joey Miller, our intrepid filmmaker and a Telegraph Hiking Club member, has taken the summit of the Half Dome 11 times to-date. Her most recent endeavor was one of the most formidable due to difficult weather conditions that made the surface of the granite especially treacherous. She was able to enjoy success because of a mindful approach and a practiced knowledge of the terrain—along with a fortunate break in the inclement weather. We asked her about the climb, and she imparted some valuable insight for those curious about Half Dome. Some of her quotes are below in italics.

Know Your Limits

two female hikers amid fog at half dome

Telegraph Hiking Club chums scale a foggy escarpment. And how! [Image: Telegraph Hiking Club]

“This was the first time we’ve encountered weather on the Dome. And, if you read the websites or any time you’re training, they’re very clear: If the Dome is wet, you just do not go up. So our plan, because of the weather, was just to get to the sub-dome, touch the cables and, you know, it was a lot of work and preparation, but our plan was just to turn around.”

It takes months of training to even make the base of Half Dome. If you make it, you might be focused on how hard you worked and how much you deserve to take the summit. But you have to consider temperature, precipitation, time of day, and many other factors—you might just feel like something is off, for instance. Listen to what your senses are telling you.

Do Your Homework

“Getting a permit can be very, very challenging. Start looking six months to a year in advance, and make sure you’re aware of what permits are needed and what time of year to apply. It’s usually going to be 4-6 months, sometimes more, before you can do the adventure…And if you can, choose a weekday. It’s much easier to get a permit on a weekday than it is on a weekend.”

The Half Dome preseason permit lottery occurs in March. Half Dome is a very popular destination, and only 300 permits per day are offered through the lottery system to both backpackers and hikers. The National Park Service confirms on its website that your chance of success is higher on weekdays, particularly in September and October. “For the entire season (2013), average success rate on weekdays is 56%, but only 31% on weekends.” This and other information about getting a Half Dome permit is available on the National Park Service website.

Trust Yourself

“We waited at Half Dome, and by the time the last two members of our team showed up, the storm started to clear and a little sun got on the granite. It started to dry pretty fast. Our plan just was to take a couple of photographs and turn around, but it actually felt pretty good…I wasn’t outside of my comfort zone. A woman behind me heard me guiding some people up the rocks and asked if I would take her to the top, and I told her I would take her as far as she could go. We ended up summiting.”

Though testing their limits, they were able to enjoy the summit on a day that might otherwise have been too dangerous by being aware of their personal safety and comfort as well as working as a team. They were lucky to have the sun on their side, too!

“I was a little apprehensive about the Dome this trip just because I’ve never encountered it in weather…But I guess just trust in yourself and trust in that you’ve prepared appropriately. And trust where you are; that you’re where you’re supposed to be when you’re supposed to be there.”

Two hikers at the summit of Half Dome

“We made it!” they are probably saying as they stand at the slippery edge of the world. [Image: Telegraph Hiking Club]

There’s No Time Like the Present

While summiting Half Dome takes time, planning, and training, there’s really no time like RIGHT NOW to get out and find adventures of your own! With Pocket Ranger® apps, you can access information and resources for all manner of outdoor thrills, including trail details, interactive GPS maps, weather reports, reservations, GeoChallenges, and, of course, the Pocket Ranger® in-app video channel to entertain and inspire your next wilderness excursion.

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Fishing with Flair

When it comes to fishing, camping, and pretty much everything outdoors, look no further than the Pocket Ranger® video channel. The video channel gives you a front seat into the world of up-and-coming adventurers, such as contributor Andrew Flair, bass fishing extraordinaire. Flair is a far cry from your run-of-the-mill angler, making fishing look like a piece of cake. He’s even got his own website, Fishing with Flair, dedicated to showing people what bass fishing is all about. Just watch below as he reels in a gigantic five-pound bass:

Flair likes the outdoors, enjoys hanging out with friends, and goes to school. But don’t be fooled—Andrew Flair is no ordinary Gen Z’er. Discovering his passion at a young age, he is active in local angling clubs, maintains a fabulous following on social media with his fishing tackle reviews, and has placed in state competitions on more than one occasion. Flair has an unbelievable knack to bring award-winning bass fish home in the blink of an eye, like in this video below:

Want to know how you can catch your next big one? By subscribing to the Fishing with Flair’s YouTube channel, you’ll get reviews on top of the line fishing gear along with great tips that’ll give you a head start on your next outing. These videos are worth watching, whether you are at the cabin or at your desk. Get the very latest from Fishing with Flair by liking him on Facebook and following him on Twitter and Instagram.

Fishing with Flair brings fishing to your doorstep! So what are you waiting for? Watch him on the Pocket Ranger® video channel, where you can see the best of the best in outdoor adventure, education, and much more!

Fishing With Flair Screenshot from Pocket Ranger® Videos

Ready to launch the boat? Download the FREE Pocket Ranger® apps, and get all the information you need to have fun in whatever stream you choose to paddle up.

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Reel Adventures with Darcizzle Offshore

Watch out, guys—there’s a new girl rockin’ the boat, and she has a knack for catching anything off the Southern Florida coast. Watch the Pocket Ranger® video channel for fun and exciting fishing adventures brought to you by Darcizzle Offshore. Her name stands up to her reputation with jaw-dropping videos that reel you in and never let you go! To get you started, watch her bass fishing expedition:

Darcizzle Offshore host, Darcie, takes fishing to another level. Her skill behind a fishing rod and experience handling the deep unknown captivate audiences, “showing the world girls CAN fish too, one catch at a time.” Whether you are an avid angler or experience fish only when it’s on your plate, follow her blog for the latest updates. The videos are nonstop entertainment and know-how, showing the best ways for a successful fishing trip. In the below video, Darcie invites viewers on a lobster dive, giving step-by-step instructions on how to find the big ones and bring them to your table:

Enough to make your mouth water, right? By subscribing to Darcizzle Offshore’s YouTube channel, you can get an angling education from someone who has done it her entire life, which far surpasses what you could get trying to learn on your own. You can also follow her on Twitter and Instagram then like her on Facebook. By following her on Google+, you can stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the world of Florida fishing, including monthly fishing reports, events, and more. Darcie also likes to help promote partners and sponsors, often bringing them along on her adventures.

Darsizzle Offshore using a speargun to catch fish

Image Credit: Darcizzle Offshore

Visit the Pocket Ranger® video channel to watch Darcizzle Offshore bring in the big catch! The video channel is filled with entertainment from contributors like Darcie who are dedicated to showing you a good time and inspiring your next trip. Before you pack your bags and ready your tackle box, download the Pocket Ranger® mobile apps for the latest in travel information, weather, and things to do. The Pocket Ranger® apps are free and fully equipped with GPS features to make your next adventure a stellar one!

Go Exploring with Adventure Archives

The Pocket Ranger® video channel is the place to visit before you head out on your next outdoor trip. The video channel is easy to access, updated weekly, and is a great companion whether you are at work or just hanging out. Watch thrilling adventures from contributors like Adventure Archives where you’ll get in-depth videos into some of the best wilderness sites in North America.

Adventure Archives Member on a Canoeing at Mammoth Cave

Andrew Lin, Bryan Lin, and Bobby Huang take you to the backcountry for fun and education. Here is a teaser below for what’s in store with them:

With Adventure Archives, you’ll learn not only where to go for amazing experiences, but also how to prepare for the unexpected. Learn the important difference between edibles versus poisonous flora while meandering into the deep woods with your hosts. The show takes viewers through all of nature’s elements, from a torrential rainstorm in Red River Gorge to winter camping in Monongahela National Forest—their videos are filled with never-ending surprises. While it might not always be cotton candy and ice cream on the trail, Adventure Archives’ documentary style and original music compilations bring beauty into any outdoor adventure.

To give you a bigger taste of what they’re all about, watch the team tackle Red River Gorge here:

Want to learn more? Adventure Archives is a contributor to the Pocket Ranger® video channel. You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel and like them on Facebook. Enjoy listening to the tunes? Their Bandcamp showcases soundtracks from every one of their videos so you can continue to nod your head to their beats.

Before making plans for your next outdoor trip, be sure to download the Pocket Ranger® mobile apps for the latest information on weather, road conditions, and local activities in the area. Whether you are an avid adventurer or enjoy relaxing weekends in your backyard, the Pocket Ranger® video channel with Adventure Archives is essentials for fun, knowledge, and adventure.

Cooking with Adventure Dining Guide

Preparing for vacation just got a bit tastier with the new Pocket Ranger® video channel! Filled with adventure and vacation tips, the video channel makes your travels not only easy but also a lot of fun. Take our contributor Adventure Dining Guide, for example, whose yummy videos can be seen on the channel. Adventure Dining Guide offers great tips for preparing meals during your camping trips through immensely entertaining videos.

Video Credit: Adventure Dining Guide

Adventure Dining Guide, “the website about eating civilized, miles from civilization,” features host Michelle Shea who takes viewers through step-by-step instructions on how to make anything from camping tacos to bonfire brownies. The videos are funny, educational, and sure to make your mouth water. A favorite of ours is the “Fire Ban Tacos” shown above. In this video, Michelle visits Lake Tahoe in the middle of a drought for some good and responsible eating without a fire.

Dining Adventure Guide features adventurers, professional athletes, and chefs who, along with Michelle, demonstrate how easy it is to make nutritious, protein-packed meals with minimal preparation or clean up. In the video below, Richard Orth, owner of BAKpocket Products, teaches you how to make gourmet pesto tortellini while sitting in a hammock in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. YUM! These recipes are so brilliant that they work even if you are looking for a simple dinner or dessert from the comfort of your home.

Video Credit: Adventure Dining Guide

Planning to bring the little ones? Watch “‘Orange’ You Excited to Make Brownies?” below for a genius way to entertain campers of all ages. If you haven’t had enough, follow Adventure Dining Guide on Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter for some of the most appetizing food photos you’ll ever see in the great outdoors! Don’t forget to follow their posts on Google+ and to like them on Facebook as well so you can share your own fireside cooking stories.

Video Credit: Adventure Dining Guide

The Pocket Ranger® video channel and Pocket Ranger® App bring you the best when it comes to preparing for your next outing. Whether you are planning to solo hike the Pacific Coast Trail or take your family out on a weekend canoe trip, Adventure Dining Guide prepares you for a memorable time with fresh tips on dinner and cool desserts. Visit the Pocket Ranger® video channel today, and happy camping!

Telegraph Hiking Club

Now is the time to stay even more connected to the outdoors with the new PocketRanger® video channel! Our contributor Telegraph Hiking Club couldn’t agree more. They’ve already posted how excited they are to share their adventures with you through the video channel on their Facebook page. The PocketRanger® video channel, which is accessible through all PocketRanger® Apps and online, showcases exciting adventures from contributors like Telegraph Hiking Club, whose stories are not to be missed.

Telegraph Hiking Club's logo

Image: http://www.telegraphhc.com/

Telegraph Hiking Club is a Sacramento-based company whose mission is to “explore the most beautiful urban and remote regions of California and the United States.” Over the years, Telegraph Hiking Club has gone on many adventures, allowing members to witness some of the most majestic views in the country, such as the ones seen below from their trip to Grinnell Glacier.

If you’re suddenly feeling inspired to go on a trek of your own, you’re not alone. In fact, so many non-members have expressed a desire to participate in some of the club’s adventures that it became necessary to create TelegraphHC. TelegraphHC is an extension of the original group that publishes trail uploads, videos, and blogs for all outdoor enthusiasts to use as inspiration for their next outdoor venture.

One of the club’s goals is to “share [their] adventures through photographs and video to inspire people to find their own new normal. [They] hope that by sharing [their] shenanigans—good, bad, and indifferent—Telegraph will inspire others to take their daily lives and problems a little less seriously, and spend a day or weekend to examine the beauty of our world from a new perspective.”

Check out the latest on their website, blog, Facebook page, and YouTube channel where Telegraph takes you to the summit with great stories and helpful information on hiking opportunities. And don’t leave home without your very own Telegraph hoodie available only on their website.

Before you get out your hiking poles and lace up your boots, like Telegraph on Facebook, follow them on YouTube, and check out the new PocketRanger® video channel for inspiration on your next trek! And remember to download the PocketRanger® App for the latest in weather, trails, and events happening around your next travel destination!