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Jump the Shark: Watersports Photo Contest

For anyone cooped up from autumn to spring by the school year, a demanding job, or cold weather, summer feels like delicious freedom—especially if you’re heading to the lake.  There’s nothing like the first time you take the boat out for the season, feeling the motor hum and the hull cut cleanly through the water’s mirror-like surface on a calm day.

Well, there may be something better—the feeling of that same water beneath your feet as you cut across water or the air you catch as you jump a particularly good wave.  That’s right: we’re talking about water sports.

Even the coolest of the cool guys can’t resist the water.  In the 1970s, the epitome of “cool” was a leather jacket-sporting, juke box-punching, catch phrase-spouting (“Heeeeey!”) guy named Arthur Fonzarelli—the Fonz—on Happy Days.  In a 1977 episode that will live in infamy, the Fonz saves the day by accepting a challenge to jump over a shark while waterskiing.

The phrase “jumping the shark” has since been memorialized in pop culture as the moment when a TV series begins to go downhill, especially after the writers pull a wild stunt that is grossly inconsistent with the show’s premise or tone.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate a wild stunt, especially one involving waterskiing (and waterskiing in a leather jacket, no less).  This may be the most memorable waterskiing moment in pop culture history, so in the spirit of the open water and summer, we want to celebrate your history on the water.

For this week’s contest, PocketRanger® wants you to submit a vintage or impressive photo of your watersports adventures. For instance, the Fonz jumping the shark is both vintage—1970s—and impressive (after all, he did jump over a shark).

Photos will be published on Facebook and put up to a vote. The submission with the most “likes” wins!


  • “Like” Pocket Ranger® on Facebook
  • Email your photos to info[at]parksbynature.com (Include your name, phone number, and a brief description of the picture.)
  • Get your friends to vote for your photo—the photo with the most “likes” wins!
  • Share the water fun; feel free to enter as many photos as you want.

Winner will be announced Friday, June 22, and receive cool, Pocket Ranger® gear to help kickstart the summer!