5 Camping Hacks To Enhance Your Outdoor Experience

Life hacking tips have become an internet sensation. Internet users offer hacks on everything, from useful garbage to money-saving tips. We looked around and found some of the best camping hacks you can use during your next outdoor excursion.

1. Use a spoon to prevent glass cracks 

[Image: http://www.artofmanliness.com/]

Image: www.artofmanliness.com

We’ve all done it: pour searing hot water into a cup and watch it crack and break. You then quickly toss the broken glass in the trash and forget it ever happened. If you would like to avoid that situation altogether, then this simple hack may be the one for you. Art of Manliness says to prevent a glass from breaking when pouring in hot water that you boiled around the campfire, place a spoon in a glass and let the water run down the metal. This camping hack takes the heat away from the glass.

2. Make a lantern using a water jug

[Image: http://lifehacker.com}

Image: www.lifehacker.com

It’s the middle of the night and you need to leave the tent for a few minutes to use the restroom. If you’re Indiana Jones, then you may be able to build and carry a torch to provide light, but chances are you’ll need an alternative. Your other option could be to carry a flashlight, but where’s the camping hack in that? You can make an ambient lamp by using a jug filled with water and a light shining into it. Flickr user listorama took the above picture, which he used for reading light.

3. Tick Deterrent

[Image: http://bobmcmichael.wordpress.com/]

Image: www.bobmcmichael.wordpress.com

Ticks are pests in every sense of the word. These small arachnids not only carry disease, but are a pain to get rid of. They do their dirty work by cutting a hole in the skin, inserting their hypostome (that sounds real nasty) and suck like Count Dracula. A good camping hack to remedy ticks is putting 1 part tea tree oil and 2 parts water into a spray bottle and spray onto shoes, socks and pant cuffs.

4. Single-use soap made with a vegetable peeler

[Image: http://myhoneysplace.com/my-favorite-7-camping-tips/]

Image: www.myhoneysplace.com/my-favorite-7-camping-tips

This camping hack is good for big groups of campers. Instead of bringing full bars of soap for everyone, you can use a vegetable peeler to cut the soap into smaller, individual-use bars. Cool, huh? Oh… and wash the vegetable peeler afterward, unless you’re in to soapy-tasting cucumbers.

5. Fire starter cotton pads

Unless you’re Charlie McGee, you probably can’t start a fire by thinking it into existence. That’s when you have to use the next best thing: use cotton pads. Dip them in wax and voila! You have an instant fire starter.

[Image: http://lifehacker.com/]

Image: www.lifehacker.com

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