5 State Parks to Hide Out In If There’s Ever a Zombie Apocalypse

Walking Dead

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The current popularity of zombies in pop culture, as evidenced by the breakout television hit “The Walking Dead” and the upcoming Brad Pitt film “World War Z,” has led us to wonder what we would do if there were ever a zombie apocalypse.

Since we’re all about state and national parks, naturally we would look to these parks for shelter. But don’t worry, we’re not leaving you behind. Today, we’re letting you in on our worse case scenario plans by listing five state parks we would hide out in if there were ever a zombie apocalypse. We’ve done exhaustive research to figure out the best survival strategies. While no strategy guarantees survival, certain strategies do improve your chances significantly. And you’ll be faced with trade-offs. For instance, if you hide out in the remote wilderness, you’ll be removed from large populations, i.e. potential zombies, but at the same time, you’ll cut yourself off from potential allies and supplies.

Decisions, decisions….

In this article, we’ll assume you’ve decided to go with the isolation route and now just need to figure out where to go. So, go grab your favorite blunt instrument and let’s set out!

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This is what you’ll be up against. Just FYI. [Image: hereandnow.wbur.org]

1. Robbers Cave State Park (Latimer County, Oklahoma)

Famous for serving as a hideout for the outlaws Jesse James and Belle Star, Robbers Cave State Park has a history of providing much needed shelter to those in dire straits. Located in Latimer County, Oklahoma, the park provides several natural resources that could serve you well during the apocalypse. The caves from which the park gets its name will provide reliable and inconspicuous shelter, but if the zombies do appear, you can seek out one of the three lakes in the park and paddle out in a canoe, because, as far as we know, zombies can’t swim. The lakes will also provide you with a source of food, as you’ll be able to fish for trout (when they’re in season).

Robbers Cave

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2. Longhorn Cavern State Park (Burnet County, Texas)

Another option for those looking to go the subterranean route. Deep in the heart of Texas, Longhorn Cavern State Park offers natural underground bunkers for brave Texans looking to stock up and mount an offensive against the undead legions or just for those simply out for self-preservation. The caves will provide you with shelter from the elements and a labyrinthine hiding place in case you need to evade any would be brain-eating intruders.

Image: www.travelwithkevinandruth.com

Image: www.travelwithkevinandruth.com

3. Kanopolis State Park

The spare landscape at Kanopolis State Park will allow you to easily spot any lumbering brain eaters before they get too close. You’ll have several caves to choose from for your shelter. And as for food, you’ll be able to fish in Kanopolis Lake. But what sets this park apart is it’s proximity to an airport, namely Kanopolis Airport. If you’re lucky, there will be a plane in one of the airport hangars. So, if the zombies start zeroing in, you can take off into the air and relocate. Oh, if you don’t know how to fly a plane, perhaps you might want to sign up for lessons now…

Kanopolis State Park

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4. Cayo Costa State Park (La Costa Island, Florida)

If you’re absolutely certain zombies can’t swim then you can’t beat an island. Behold: Cayo Costa State Park, a Florida State park located on La Costa Island. Once you arrive, do a thorough sweep of the island to make sure it hasn’t already been infiltrated. After you’re convinced the island is clean of brain eaters, set up your stronghold and do routine sweeps of the beaches to make sure undead swimmers don’t come ashore. But really, what are the chances zombies can swim?

Cayo Costa State Park

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5. Hanging Rock State Park (Stokes County, North Carolina) 

Perhaps you’re skeptical of the underground and island strategies and would prefer to seek out high ground. Well, at Hanging Rock State Park, you’ll find a nice perch from which to spot approaching zombie hordes.

It’s rumored that during the Revolutionary War the British Loyalists used the Tory’s Den rock outcropping at the park as a hideout. From this perch, the Loyalists could see across vast distances and spot any approaching Continental Army troops. Similarly, a band of surviving humans camped out on this spot could spot approaching zombies.


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Honey, just call out if you see any zombies approaching. [Image: westpointnaturalists.blogspot.com] 

Well, survivors, those are our five zombie apocalypse hideout recommendations. If you’re not sold on any of these five hideouts then we wish you all the best when the apocalypse comes. But if you do end up turning into a zombie, could you do us a favor and stay away from these places? Thanks!

Long live the living!

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