6 Instagram Accounts Every Outdoor Enthusiast Should Be Following

If you go on Instagram to look at mountains and trees and lakes and waterfalls that look so painting-like you can’t fathom that they were actually photographed in nature, you should definitely be following these amazing naturesnappers.

1. @patcole4 pat cole outdoor instagram accounts Patrick Cole loves a nice, vibrant, saturated, colorful shot. Now a Las Vegas resident, he finds “nothing more peaceful than the purity of nature.” He works in the restaurant business, but to us, he’s like a professional Instagrammer—his nature shots are just too perfect.

2. @eltaylo erin taylor outdoor instagram accountsWe couldn’t believe our luck when we discovered Erin Taylor’s Instagram account, but there’s a reason her photos are so fantastic—the girl’s a professional photographer (check out erinltaylorphotography.com). Besides for her dreamy Colorado photos, we love that she would like to live in a Wes Anderson movie (because really, who wouldn’t?!) and that she has full-blown conversations with her pug Oscar.

3. @stevestrehl

steve strehl outdoor instagram accounts

#Colors didn’t really mean anything to us until we found Steve Strehl’s photos. While he doesn’t use any Instagram filters, he does use an editing app called Snapseed. Steve’s from Utah, and he’s a junior at the University of Montana, so he’s no stranger to nature’s beauty. He loves to ski, hike, climb, play hockey, and just head out on spontaneous trips to national parks.

4. @dillypickle11

dillypickle11 outdoor instagram accounts

Every time we check out Nadeane Palacios’s photos, we can’t believe she’s not a photographer. We’re not even sure how this mother of five teenagers has the time to wander through the amazing natural beauty that is Utah and take pictures of it—but we’re ecstatic that she does! Looking at how interesting her photos are, we’re not surprised by her poetic connection to nature: she “[loves] to shoot water; [she] [loves] the way it dances.”

5. @trippedavis

trippe davis outdoor instagram accounts

The first time we saw one of Trippe Davis’s photos, we literally gasped out loud. (It was that gorgeous!) This freelance photographer, bartender, and 1st assistant cameraman creates lush and beautiful images that show his deep love for the woods. The Portland, Oregon resident also has a way with words: “I like being able to reach out and see the whole world through an iPhone app.” (If you’re interested in a spokesperson, Instagram, we suggest direct messaging Trippe.)

6. @ralfafara

ralfafara outdoor instagram accounts

Becca Alfafara is a lot of things: she’s from Detroit, she currently lives in West Glacier, Montana, she’s an avid knitter, and she works seasonally as a park ranger. She’s also an unbelievable Instagrammer, whose photos routinely get the highest likes of any of our posts. Take a look at her feed and you’ll probably want to head out to Glacier National Park and never come back.

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